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Best Wildlife Trapping Services In Lexington KY
Professional Wildlife Trapping Services in Lexington Kentucky
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Best Wildlife Trapping Services In Lexington KY

Family Pest and Wildlife Control operates professionally, providing the best wildlife trapping services in Lexington KY. Our highly-trained technicians control pests, remove wildlife risks, and discard termites from your residences. At first, we inquire and inspect wild animals residing and hiding at your place; after locating and accessing its position, we apply our baiting and trapping techniques to capture the animal without harming it. Our professional wildlife trapping services will help you eliminate untamed animals disturbing the peace of your house.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quick and immediate wildlife control services in Lexington KY being the most responsive company to help you out of the problematic pests causing a nuisance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide professional wildlife trapping services in Lexington KY. We provide protection and look forward to giving you a safe experience, removing the complicated situation caused by the animal(s) creeping into your property and damaging it.

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General Pest Treatments

We excel in removing bothersome pests crawling in the bedding, old furniture, tatter curtains, and threadbare carpets by our best general pest treatments In Lexington, KY. We use various methods to eradicate the pests by spraying or using chemical products.

Wildlife Trapping

We use the latest mechanisms to eliminate wild animals at your place. With the help of our professional wildlife trapping services in Lexington KY. We locate their hideouts, seal the spots and use baits and traps to capture them safely.

Bed Bugs Services

Bed bugs start their infestation in one room and then spread and extend to more areas; instead of throwing away your furniture and beds, you can hire us to solve the issue and stop them from spreading out.

Termite Treatment

Termites can be property damaging, and the treatment also causes hazardous outcomes, like fumigation. We provide the best and most immediate solutions to solve the termite spread out in an eco-friendly way.
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Frequently Asked Questions

At first, we seal their spots to limit their movement, then use baits and trapping methods to seize them.
We send your way a team of professionals who inspect and locate the animal abode at the residence; the team is vaccinated, insured, and licensed.
It is suggested to keep yourself away for at least 3-4 hours when technicians spray around the area.
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High-Quality Methods

We use all the advanced methods and techniques to remove the wildlife animals from places where they are not desirable.

Courteous and Efficient.

Our professional team uses the moment and makes the right move without wasting time. We take over competently to solve the client’s problem by baiting and trapping wildlife at their residences.
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